How Long to Microwave Ramen Cup? (Query Solved)

If you have a microwave and are looking for a detailed guide about how long to Microwave a ramen cup? Then you are in the right place. 

Today I will discuss everything about the topic. If you want to know How to make cup noodles like Ramen, go through my detailed article.

There are various types of cup noodles you can find on the market. Ramen, Maggie, Nissin are all the different brands available on the market. 

It is an instant solution to your hunger. It takes less time to prepare, and everyone who doesn’t have enough cooking ideas can also qualify for this delicious ramen cup noodles.

If you know how to prepare ramen cup noodles, you can easily make this recipe for your family. 

You can also use a microwave for ramen cup noodles. Just check all points below to know more about How long to microwave ramen cup noodles.

How to prepare a ramen cup in a microwave?

Below are the simple steps to prepare the ramen cup noodles in a microwave.

  •  First, buy Ramen Cup noodles from the market or online.
  •  Cut the packet and put all the noodles in a microwave-safe pot.
  •  Pour water on the noodles, which you put in a microwave-safe bowl.
  •  Add the flavor of the packet, and you can also add other ingredients to make it tasty.
  •  Put the jar or pot in the Microwave; that’s it.

How long to Microwave a ramen cup?

How much time it takes to prepare the noodles. The answer is not more than 5 minutes.

  • Follow the steps mentioned in the packet.
  • Pour water perfectly before entering the bowl at Microwave.
  • After entering, wait for 3 to 5 minutes; after that, open the Microwave and taste your favorite ramen recipe.
  • You can also mix flavors at this time.

Which Other flavors can you add to your ramen cup?

  • Pinch of salt
  • Pinch of pepper
  • 1 Tbsp soy sauce
  •  miso paste
  •  lemon choose
  •  basil

Can You Microwave Ramen in a Styrofoam cup?

It is not a good idea to cook ramen in a Styrofoam cup because when you cook in Styrofoam, the cup can get cracked, leaked, or melted.

You can try it by using hot water in the cup, that is a safe idea.

Don’t do these when preparing Ramen Cup

  • First, Break all the noodles into smaller pieces.
  • Don’t check the Microwave within a second.
  • Wait for enough time to prepare your noodles.

What are different Ramen recipes?

Chicken Dashi, Nitamago, Tare & Chashu, all different recipes you can prepare.

Wrap up:

At the end of the article, I hope you know all the details about how long to microwave a ramen cup. If I missed any of your doubts, leave a comment below. I will cover this in my next article.

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