How to Change Power Level on LG Microwave?-(Step-by-Step Guide)

Microwaves are kitchen appliances that transform power into electromagnetic waves called microwaves. This article will discuss, how to change power Level on LG microwave?

These waves can animate atoms in food, making them vibrate, twirl around, and conflict with one another — which transforms the energy into heat.

This is like how your hands heat up when you rub them together. Their effect is more likely observed on water molecules rather than on fats and sugars. These ovens produce electromagnetic radiation.

Can these radiations harm you? The answer is no because these come with metallic shields which make these radiations remain inside the oven.

But one must also keep in mind not using old ovens or ovens whose doors are damaged because that can affect you in an adverse way.

You can find these products in nearby electrical appliances stores or you can order online. One of the trusted and well-established brands LG manufactures the best quality microwave ovens.

Complete Guide Before Buying an LG Microwave?

After knowing about the various advantages of microwave ovens you can go to any LG products store or can buy from the website. When buying online, you can see a wide variety of microwaves with different price ranges and features, what suits you best, buy that one.

Choosing a microwave with a rotating plate would be better because it helps to spread the heat evenly throughout the food. One of the latest products includes the latest technology which goes by the name Charcoal Lighting Heater. It offers you more healthier and versatile ways of cooking.

After buying any microwave carefully install it in a place where it need not be placed frequently. Also it should be kept away from small children. LG microwaves come with an inbuilt feature known as Easy clean. That allows you to clean them without using any brushes or scrubs.

These microwaves can use for baking, defrosting, or roasting. Also, with the purchase, you get a user manual that tells you about the functions and how to operate them.

How to Change Power Level on LG Microwave?

LG microwaves can do a variety of tasks from heating any food to baking, roasting, or boiling any liquid. But these tasks are different and require different heat or power levels otherwise some can get overcooked while some can even damage the microwave.

Knowing about the power levels is a must for the person, so while you operate the microwave, be aware of the power level.

 Let us see what different power level means in a microwave:

  • It allows quick heat foods or other eatables,when operated at its maximum of 100 percent,
  • You can go with Heating Soups or items like pasta or rice,when operated at 80-90 percent
  • When operated below that it can be used to heat and cook items that require low heat at a constant rate.

How to Adjust LG Microwave’s Power Levels?

  • First of all, check the user manual that comes with the product. It clearly mentions how the device works because each device may have different processes involved.
  • Look for the Micro button on the microwave, and then press it one time which makes the appliance work at 100 percent.
  • Pressing the Micro button two times will make it work at 80 percent.
  • If you want to work at even less heat press the Micro button three times. The power level goes down to 60 percent.
  • 40 percent of the power can be obtained by pressing the Micro button four times.
  • Again, pressing the button for the fifth time will make the power level come down to the minimum that is at 20 percent.
  • Now the power level has been selected as per the requirement. The next step will be to set the timer for the microwave. It can be done with the help of the DIAL knob. Select the required time with it by turning.
  • After both these things are done, press the START button to make the microwave start working.

Wrapping up about How to Change Power Level on LG Microwave:

I have explained above the steps to run a microwave and adjusting the power and also levels are explained in an easier way. If you need further assistance about any LG microwave you can contact customer care.This is Guide only.

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