How to Clean Microwave with Chemicals? (Complete Guide)

A microwave is a daily helpful kitchen appliance for every kitchen. I am going to discuss How to clean Microwave with chemicals? 

If you are also a person using a microwave in your kitchen and looking for the best cleaning guide, stay with me.

I hope you all know Microwave is an electrical appliance and needs to be cleaned every few days.

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If you think cleaning the Microwave is very hard, then it’s not true. Cleaning a microwave with chemicals is very easy, and everyone can do this.

When you prepare different dishes and recipes using the Microwave, it is common to get dirty. 

By using chemicals, you can solve all your cleaning tasks in a hassle freeway. But before that, you have to know which chemical you need to use to clean your Microwave and how to clean Microwave with chemicals?

Before cleaning, you should have these things:

  • A microwave-safe bowl with chemicals we will discuss.
  • A potholder.
  • Sponge.
  • Towel or duster.
  • Disinfectant cleaner.

How to clean Microwave with chemicals? 

When you are cleaning your Microwave, few things have to do. First, switch off the Microwave, then unplug it from the board. Three essential things you need to do.

You can remove all dirt from the Microwave by using baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar.

Don’t use bleach to clean your Microwave. There is a caution not to use bleach to clean the Microwave, and it can cause different problems of the Microwave.

How to clean the Handle of the Microwave?

Prepare the mixture and clean the handle with a duster or towel. Softly use to clean the handle perfectly.

How to Clean the Interior of the Microwave?

Now comes the essential part. When you see any food stuck on the turntable or inside the Microwave, then first remove the turntable and put this in a dishwasher, and cleaned it with lime, soap, or any Disinfectant cleaner.

If you recently cooked or baked something on the Microwave, you need to wait to cool down the Microwave. After that, you can spray a towel or sponge with a chemical grease cleaner and then clean the inside of the Microwave.

Wet the sponge, then clean the Microwave with the sponge to remove all the chemicals from inside the Microwave.

How To Clean Microwave Stains?

If you think it is tough to clean Microwave Stains, you can buy any grease eraser. If the stains are adamant, you can keep the turntable within water then wash it carefully after some time.

What should you do to Keep the Microwave clean for a long time?

Every time after cooking or baking, the first thing is to use any towel to clean the Microwave with hot water. The stain becomes problematic if you don’t clean the Microwave for a long. So it’s better to clean often.


In this guide, I deeply explained the topic. You can buy various chemicals to clean the Microwave other than you can use Lemon, soap, vinegar, etc. 

If you found this guide “how to clean Microwave with chemicals” helpful for you, please share the post with others.

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