How to Convert Microwave Time to Oven Time?-(Microwave Calculator Guide)

Here is a perfect guide about the question How to convert microwave time to oven time? If you don’t know how you can convert microwave time to oven time, then in this article, I will explain everything about this topic.

As you know, the Microwave is a modern kitchen appliance, and we all use the Microwave for cooking and baking different dishes, and these days everyone wants to cook as soon as possible.

Microwave power time conversion is an essential aspect of microwave cooking. If your microwave power output is different from the microwave power input, you will end up cooking too long or too little.

In this guide, I have explained about how to convert Microwave time to oven time with step by step guide.

What should you consider before choosing a reliable and trustworthy Microwave?

When you are looking to buy any Microwave, then you can see these things before spending hard-earned money:

  • Power
  • Dimension
  • Portability
  • Features
  • Interior capacity
  • Weight
  • Brand

How to convert microwave time to oven time?

These days everyone is looking fast and quick way to make food because nobody has enough time.

Microwave is the one of them you can use to prepare your food in significantly less time.

You can cook your meal very fast and enjoy your food without waiting for a long time in High Wattage Microwave.

You can convert your microwave time to oven time by using the below method:

Usually, the microwave cooking time is one-fourth of the regular oven time. But it depends as different recipes require different cooking times.

When you buy packed food, then you can check the exact preparation method on the label.

If you prepare your recipes for almost one hour, you can easily prepare the food within 15 minutes on the microwave oven.

You can check Microwave cooking time calculator table below by clicking a link.

Microwave Timing Conversion Calculator

  1. First, enter cooking time and wattage from your product’s packaging and select the section according to the calculator.
  2. Then choose the wattage of your Microwave.
  3. At last, Press calculate and prepare your meal according to time.

How to check Microwave power consumption?

When buying a microwave, you can see that the manufacturer mentions the particular power consumption detail about the Microwave. 

It doesn’t matter how good your microwave recipe is; if tested on an 800-watt machine and your machine is 1200 watts, you need a sad crumpled meal unless you don’t know its power.

How to check Microwave wattage?

A perfect strategy to check the microwave wattage is to fill the Microwave with 1 cup of cold water. You can measure the wattage by checking its boiling time. You can check your microwave wattage by using the below methods.

  • One thousand two hundred watts Microwave takes 1.30 minutes.
  • One thousand watts takes 2 minutes.
  • Eight hundred watts takes 2.30 minutes.
  • Seven hundred watts takes 3 minutes.
  • Six hundred watts takes 4 minutes.

What should you know about Microwave while preparing food?

If you follow a microwave recipe or cooking guide based on a 900W oven but only have a 700W microwave, there are instructions that 10 minutes of cooking time is not enough for your oven.

So the food will not cook properly. It is because your 700-watt oven is not as powerful as the oven targeted by the recipe, and it takes longer for the food to reach the right temperature.

What is the difference between Microwave Cooking and Normal Cooking?

  • Microwave always takes much lower time than regular cooking.
  • It has many options that you can not find in a traditional oven.
  • Auto cook menus help you in cooking.
  • Power saving than a regular oven.
  • It is portable, so you can carry it whenever needed.
  • Less risk than a standard gas oven.

How do you convert an oven recipe to the Microwave?

Divide your standard cooking time in the oven by four. For instance, if your typical cooking time is 40 minutes, divide 40 by 4 to get 10 minutes. It is time for microwave cooking.


In This article, I have covered most of the queries related to how to convert Microwave time to oven time.I hope you will know all the basic things about the question. If you have any questions you want to ask, leave a comment on that topic. I will cover those queries and questions in the next post.

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