How to Disable Microwave Beep?-(Follow Easy Steps)

Got disturbed even from the beep of your oven? Yeah, that happens when you are taking a sweet nap or not in the mood. Well, considering this, today we’ll learn how to disable the microwave beep. We all accept that the microwave is one of the most loved and needed kitchen equipment. It makes you eat food when you are not able to cook.

However, sometimes its beep could be disturbing, or there might be other reasons for turning it off. As a result, whatever reason has brought you here. You are in the right spot.

So, dive into the article, and we’ll make you learn how to silence a microwave beep?

When a Microwave Beeps?

Before you go for turning it completely off or for good, you should know in which conditions your microwave usually beeps. Usually, your microwave beeps during these conditions.

  1. When you press its buttons, the buttons make a beeping noise.
  2. When the timer completes, it gives a long beep.
  3. Sometimes when you don’t open the door of your oven after the food is cooked or warmed, it keeps beeping.

However, this sound is undoubtedly nothing to worry about for some people who are okay with it. But people like you or me might not wanna hear this disturbing noise whenever we cook our food or whenever we listen to this while taking a good nap in the night. This isn’t very good.

Well, not a problem to know how to disable the microwave beep. Because if you hear that voice, this will be the last time. After applying the solutions we have here for turning off the beep of your oven, you will have a calm environment inside your kitchen.

So, how exactly to disable the microwave beep?

To turn off the beep of your oven, you must know what brand or company’s microwave oven you have inside your kitchen, because different brands come with other manuals and settings.

However, in this guide, we’ll learn how you can turn off the beep of some famous/well-known brands’ ovens. The list includes the following brands with their relative settings.

Turning off the beep of your LG Microwave Oven:

Suppose you have got the LG microwave oven and don’t know how to turn off its beep. You probably have its user manual guide, or in case you have already lost it by chance, you can do the following settings to make it silent.

But make sure that you have a suitable model because LG doesn’t allow this feature with some low-priced models.

Click on the Custom Set Button on the display screen of your oven.

You have these settings that you can perform with this single button. However, to turn off the beeping sound, click on buttons 1 and then 2.

But make sure that you have already clicked on the Custom set button. You can also turn it on again. See, so simple and easy to follow.

Turning off the beep of your Whirlpool Microwave Oven:

In case you have the Whirlpool microwave oven, you can do the following settings to make it stop beeping. It depends from model to model.

There are two ways to turn this beep off.

For Keypad Sound–The first way is to press and hold the number 1 for at least 3 seconds. It will only make you disable the number pad sounds. Not all sounds like the sound of the timer.

For All Sounds–However, to disable the beep of your timer and all the voices coming from it at once, press and hold the number 2 for at least 3 seconds. It will mute all the sounds from the oven. You can also revere the process if you want to turn these voices on again.

Turning off the beep of your Frigidaire Microwave Oven:

Another most famous kitchen appliances maker is the Frigidaire. So, if you have an oven made by this company, you can turn its beep off by following these steps. It is also pretty straightforward.

First of all, press the Clock Settings button twice that is available to you on the display screen of your oven.

After clicking on it, you will see a window saying P-2 etc., just like the picture below.

Now, come a little down and hit the Start button.

When you click on it, your oven display screen will start showing different statuses of setting the beep volume at low, normal or off.

So, when this comes to Turn off, you are again going to hit the Start button. This will shut off the beeping sound that your oven was producing once.

Now set the timer and run your oven. You will hear no sound when the timer will complete.

However, to turn it on again, you can likewise apply the same settings.

What to do when any microwave oven doesn’t stop beeping?

In some cases, or I should say in rare cases, your microwave might not stop beeping even after applying the necessary settings. This might happen due to any internal defect or any other issue with the beep itself. So, what to do in this type of situation?

You need to turn off your oven and unplug it from the socket. Wait for at least 2 to 3 minutes. Then turn it on again. This will give a little relief to the software. And you will see that your oven is working again every day. But if it doesn’t, there is a cause that is having some severe problem.

Final Thoughts:

We hope you have learned how to disable microwave beep after knowing how to do it with some of the most famous brands’ ovens. The procedure for turning off the beep is somewhat the same for most known ovens like Samsung, GE, Hamilton Beach, Emerson or Panasonic etc. However, if you have the manual guide of the oven you have at your home, you will easily do the necessary settings.

In the end, this was all for today. Please, stay tuned for more queries on Microwave ovens. Have a nice day!

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