How To Make A Countertop Microwave Look Built in-(Quick Solution)

Does the microwave placed on your countertop not look good to you, and do you want to make it look like a built-in one? Well, if you are here looking for the same query and have other things to do in your mind, you are in the right place. Today, I will tell you how to make a countertop microwave look built-in. That might be pretty strange to you, but practically, you can do this.

So, let’s get this conversation started without wasting your precious time. And if you stick with me till the end of the day, you will figure out some easy steps to make your microwave look built-in.

Why Do You Need to Make Your Countertop Microwave Look Built-in?

Before you go for the easy methods to save your counter space by making your microwave built-in, you should know why you need to do that.

Everybody knows that the microwave is one of those kitchen appliances that we use on a daily basis. It is the efficient tool used for making our food ready in no time. It serves you fresh cooked and baked food for your daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner desires. 

However, a microwave takes too much space while placed on the countertop. It makes accessing the other kitchen tools hazardous for you. You can use this space to prepare different food ingredients and easily store those tools you can access.

Therefore, it is always suggested to place your microwave oven into different kitchen layouts so that you could be able to save some pretty good counter space.

Different Ways To Make Your Countertop Oven Look Built-in:

Considering your needs and desires, I have gathered some easiest ways of making your oven look built-in, even if it is on your countertop right now.

But remember, all of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s explain each method one by one and let you decide which one is most suitable. 

1: Mounting Your Microwave Over the Range

Your kitchen has a pretty good space dedicated primarily to mounting a microwave oven. You can use mounting brackets to place your countertop oven into this place.

It not only provides you a streamlined look to your microwave oven but also integrates your essential kitchen equipment with the upper cabinets of your kitchen wall.

However, you must have an over-the-range microwave oven purchased for this purpose. A simple microwave can also be installed at this place if you can find it in a built-in trim kit. 



  • An over-the-range cooktop is much more expensive than a countertop oven. 
  • It will require some professional installation. 
  • Moreover, you would have to make an exhaust vent facility to work this kind of microwave oven properly. 

2: Use The Cabinetry To Set The Oven Over There

Well, even if you do not have an over-the-range microwave oven, you can adjust your countertop one at a pretty good place. Use the shelf or opening available in the cabinetry to put your range there and give it a built-in look.

For this, you should make sure that the oven fits nicely and tightly into this kind of place to give it a more authentic and cooler look.


  • This type of installation is much cheaper.
  • It is also something easy to do for you.


  • If there is any gap between the oven and cabinetry, the look might not look adorable to you.

3: Install A Trim Kit Around Your Microwave Oven:

It is somewhat like the previously done thing like installing cabinets around your microwave oven. However, here, you will be using a trim kit for giving your countertop microwave a built in look.

Most countertop microwaves have built-in trim kits, and some come already packed with these ovens. But if your particular one has not got it yet, you can purchase the correct model from any online or local microwave store.

You can use this trim kit for placing your oven at a decent place as it will provide a more streamlined and integrated look. 


  • A trim kit will make your microwave quickly and thoroughly fit into the cabinetry, providing an extra unique look. 


  • A Kit will cost you some bucks and require installation expenses if you don’t do it yourself. 

4: Integrating The Oven With Other Kitchen Essentials:

Another way to give your countertop microwave a built in look is to install it by assembling it with the other kitchen appliances. You can have it over the wall, and for sure, you would need a trim kit to get this job done. 


  • It will save your counter space. 
  • It is straightforward and quick.


  • You will need all the items you can quickly and attractively collaborate with your microwave oven. 

5: Place It Behind The Cabinet Door:

You can also use the appliances garage to hide your microwave behind the door. This door is something like that blends with the rest of the items placed inside the cabinetry.

And it usually happens when these appliances are not in use. This method usually works best in small and compact kitchens with tambour doors. 


  • Find an immediate landing space for a quick and easy microwave installation and make it disappear from the countertop. 


  • You will need an extra door to install that might cause you some costs. 

Wrapping It Up:

So, I have presented the five most accessible ways for your query on how to make a countertop microwave look built-in. You can use any of these as they are easiest to do and don’t require much practice and complex techniques for using these ways.

Your microwave will never stay on the countertop, and you will be able to save more space for keeping more edibles over the counter.

In the end, I hope you liked the information given here. Well, if you did, please let me know through the comment box. Moreover, even if you have more queries to ask, please let me know as I am here to solve them.

Happy reading and have a good day!

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