How to Microwave the Maruchan Ramen Cup?-(Quick Cooked Noodles)

Do you desire to eat tasty Maruchan ramen and don’t know how to microwave the Maruchan ramen cup? No worries because you are at the best place to learn this thing.

It is probably brunch time, and you are having medium-sized hunger as your belly wants to eat something that can be cooked easily and quickly. So, trying Maruchan ramen(noodles) is really delicious for fulfilling this little hunger urge.

Therefore, let’s make you perform this thing with your oven inside your kitchen. Moreover, people indeed have many doubts about whether they can cook ramen in a cup inside a microwave oven? Will it be worth it? Will it be a simple problem-free solution and what not?

But let’s make it clear that it is so simple and easy because we have got your back to guide you. So, let’s start microwaving your Maruchan ramen cup and serve you with tasty noodles in the spur of the moment.

Is it possible to Microwave a Maruchan Ramen Cup?

Before you go for the actual procedure, let me clear your doubts on whether you should put a Maruchan ramen cup inside the oven or not.

Well, a big YES. You can cook any brand of noodles like Maruchan in any cup, such as a Styrofoam cup, so quickly without worrying about anything. Nothing will happen to your kitchen asset, and you will be the one to taste the delicious noodles in a short time. As a result, why wait? Let’s go for it!

How Exactly to Microwave Maruchan Ramen Cup?

The solution is simple and described in some easy steps as below. You must have already purchased these branded noodles. And once you have them, nothing can stop you from tasting them within a short time. So, follow the process below.

Read the instructions carefully:

Every Maruchan ramen cup has instructions over its label to tell you how to cook it inside an oven or without an oven. Reading those instructions would be better for you as you can start microwaving the ramen cup quickly. There is a step-by-step procedure mentioned in a particular lunch cup.

However, it is still somewhat difficult for most people, and that is why I will make you do so in a pretty simple way.

Turn on your Microwave Oven:

First things first, if your oven is turned off, please turn it on as, without it, you cannot go for doing things like microwaving the Maruchan ramen. Once it starts working fine, you are good to go for the next step.

Remove the plastic cover from the cup:

Next, remove the plastic coating from the cup of noodles you have got from the Maruchan company. It is dispatched there to protect your food from the surrounding germs. Take a scissor or a knife and do it quickly and carefully. Once you have removed it, go for the next step.

Take out the Cup’s Lid:

A lid would cover that ramen cup you are holding on it. You need to remove this cover, which is much simpler and after removing it. There are two methods you can try for cooking these noodles.

how to microwave the Maruchan ramen cup

Try the boiled water:

You can try boiling the water inside the oven and then putting it inside the cup. This warm water will cook your ramen in a couple of seconds. However, you can try this another time. But this time. We are going to microwave this Maruchan ramen cup directly inside the oven.

Fill the cup with water:

This ramen cup usually has a line above the noodles filling level that shows how much water you need inside a single cup. You need to take a glass of water and fill your ramen cup up to that level. Make sure not to put in extra water as it may disturb the taste of your soup or pasta.

Put the cup inside the Microwave Oven:

Once you have filled the Maruchan ramen cup with its desired water level, you need to put it inside the oven. Be sure to close the lid and then put it into the oven because steam production while cooking is also essential for making the food ready.

how to microwave the Maruchan ramen cup

Close the Door and Set the Timer:

After doing the above thing, close the oven door and set the timer for at least 3 minutes. When the timer is set, your Maruchan ramen noodles will start getting ready so that you can eat them.

Open the door, and Ta-da, your food is ready:

Congratulations as you have finished cooking your ramen cup noodles inside your microwave oven. It was pretty straightforward and effortless. Now, take a bowl, a spoon and go before the television or any place you find sitting comfortably. You are ready to enjoy the delicious taste of your Maruchan ramen noodles. So, eat them and enjoy yourself.

how to microwave the Maruchan ramen cup

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you Put Cup Noodles inside the oven?

Yes, you can go for it because this doesn’t cause any harm. However, it would be best not to let the cup inside the oven for too long, say more than 5 to 6 minutes because this might cause your significant asset burn.

For how long does it take to microwave a Maruchan ramen cup?

Usually, it takes 3 to 4 minutes to make some fresh Maruchan noodles ready to eat. However, if you are not happy with the cooked noodles during this time, you can give it another shot. It is because sometimes you find some noodles inside a less cooked cup.

So, it’s better to give them up to 3 to 2 minutes once again while putting the cup inside the oven.

Final thoughts:

Finally, you have learned how to microwave the Maruchan ramen cup. It is pretty easy as you don’t have to do much. Just bring your noodles, put some water in the cup and place the cup inside the oven.

After a couple of minutes, you can taste what tastes more delicious than anything else for that brunch hunger. Give yourself a gentle pat on your shoulder because now, you don’t have to wait for your wife. Cook your noodles by yourself and enjoy eating.

With this, keep yourself updated with the latest queries and guides we will be discussing here. Thanks for reading. May the blessings be on your way!

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