How to Remove GE Microwave Trim Kit?-(Quick 7 Steps)

Sometimes your microwave oven gets defective or needs to replace anything inside it, such as its bulb. Or, there might be any other reason for opening your microwave oven, like installing a new trim kit you have already bought,but you don’t have any idea how to remove ge microwave trim kit?

However, GE profile microwave ovens come with built-in trim kits that are the first step towards getting into the hardware settings of your food warmer. These trim kits basically help the microwave oven efficiently fit and blend into the existing cabinetry of your kitchen.

Hardly there are people out there who know how to remove ge microwave trim kit quickly and without giving any harm to your device. So, in case you find yourself between those and looking for the same information, you are on the right spot. Just bring the required tools, and let’s get to work.

Things you will need for removing the trim kit:

Before you open the trim kit of your microwave oven, you need to make sure that you have the following things. These will help you through the process.

  •  Get a Standard Philip’s Screwdriver
  •  And Cordless drill or driver

So, exactly, how to remove the ge profile microwave trim kit:

If you have got all the necessary tools, it’s time to open the trim kit of your most important kitchen appliance that helps you make your food warm. The thing is, doing this, or I could say opening the trim kit, is not that difficult. Anybody can do it, and there is no need to have any technical skills.

However, if you still cannot do it by yourself, you can call an operator. This is also important to consider. Because sometimes, the microwave oven might void the warranty, or doing this could be dangerous. For the technician, he will do the job for a few bucks.

Still, if you want to replace it by yourself, we are here. So, remember, we are not going to let you down and follow our step-by-step guide below:

Step.1-Unplug Your Ge Profile Microwave Oven From the Socket:

First of all, make sure that no electricity flows through the oven by completely unplugging it from the socket. This is important to save yourself from any short circuit or any injury to your device. Then you are good to go for the next step:

Step.2-Start Removing the decorative Frame:

We will start by first removing the decorative frame from the front side of the microwave. This is basically used to fill all the upper, down, left, and right sides of the microwave when placed inside the cabinet. Removing this is pretty easy as all you have to find are the screws.

How to remove ge microwave trim kit

To detach the microwave, gently push it back into the cabinet using both hands. You will notice that no screws are holding it up at that place. This happens only in some cases, and that’s why you should be gentle while pushing it back. It’s also what makes detaching so easy.

But since it is placed and fitted into the kitchen cabinetry, there will be screws that will hold it right there. Therefore, you should have an unobstructed view of the microwave’s underside.

Look for screws in each corner or equidistant along a metal lip at the top and bottom of the opening.

When you open the microwave door, you will probably find two screws on the top side of the door. If you find any, use that cordless drill or screwdriver to remove them and avoid breaking them in half of the process.

Now, take a bowl and keep those screws safe because you will need them again.

Step.3-Look on the bottom side:

After removing the screws from the upper side of the oven, you need to look at the bottom side. There you will also find two screws that will also be required to remove. Again use your Standard Philip’s screwdriver and try to remove them. Once you have done removing these, you are good to go for the next step.

How to remove ge microwave trim kit

Step.4-Pull Out the Microwave Trim Kit frame:

Once you have removed all the screws, you can pull that trim kit frame out of your microwave oven. Use both hands for simply pulling it out, and it should simply be released from its place.

How to remove ge microwave trim kit

Step.5-Remove the Top Mounting bracket:

Next, you need to remove the top mounting bracket. There will be like 5 to 6 screws depending on the type of microwave oven you have. These screws might be Philips, depending on how your installer has installed them there. Or they could be flathead screws. So, go ahead and remove these screws. After removing these, you will see the bracket come loose.

How to remove ge microwave trim kit

Step.6-Remove the Bottom Mounting Bracket:

After removing the top one, go for the bottom mounting bracket and remove all the screws holding the oven in its place. You will easily be able to do this.

How to remove ge microwave trim kit

Step.7-Remove the Microwave Oven:

When you can successfully remove all the screws from all the mounting brackets and have already removed your trim kit, you can withdraw your oven out from the cabinet. You can do whatever you want to do with your microwave oven. This again might include changing its bulb, doing necessary maintenance, or replacing the old trim with a new one. After that, you can also install the oven back to its place with the same practice. This was not as difficult as you might be thinking.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, you have learned how to remove ge microwave trim kit easily without getting into complications. Just gather the necessary equipment, make sure you have all the required measures, and then dive into taking this apart. You will only need a technician when you cannot do it by yourself. But as you have seen it, you will have no hindrances during the process.

With this, take care of yourself, and we shall keep updating you on your essential queries. In case you have questions to ask, please let us know. Stay tuned for the latest updates. Have a great day.

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