How to Toast Bread in a Microwave Convection Oven-(4 Easy Steps)

If you want to learn how to toast bread in a microwave convection oven, you are reading the right article.

I will tell you the step-by-step procedure for toasting bread in a microwave convection oven and how to use it safely.

Read further to check all steps of toasting bread in a microwave convection oven. But first, let me explain that what is a microwave convection oven and how it works.

What is a Microwave Convection Oven?

Microwave Convection Oven is not the same as the regular oven, and it circulates its air in the oven to heat the food present inside. This is heated air, and thus it heats the food from all sides equally.

So, you can use the microwave convection oven for cooking food at low temperatures. Still, it is quicker than a regular oven or microwave.

That is why a microwave convection oven is widely used for baking and toasting bread. When you toast a loaf of bread, you need a low temperature for a nice brown layer, so the bread will cook smoothly.

How to Toast Bread in a Microwave Convection Oven?

how to toast bread in microwave convection ovens

Step 1-

First, choose fresh bread and keep it in a glass or high-quality plastic bowl or plate. Make sure that the plate or bowl is clean to eat the bread healthy.

If a utensil is not available, keep the bread on tissue paper or any food quality paper.

Do not put bread without any utensils in the oven, or it can lead to an accident.

Step 2-

It does not matter how many breads you have placed in the microwave. You need to set the same temperature and time for any amount of bread. Because of heated air, you can toast pieces of bread in large quantities in a microwave convection oven in the same amount of time.

Step 3-

Set the timer for 30 seconds, and it is enough time for the bread to get toasted with nice brown color.

Be aware that the bread should not get overcooked, but it will taste good, if it is toasted perfectly in the microwave convection oven. Make sure to keep the temperature be around 300° from 350°.

 Step 4-

Check if the bread is toasted correctly or not. Enjoy your bread with butter or anything you like.

Bread is not Toasted properly in a Microwave Convection oven: Why?

The bread you placed inside might be wet. So, this is why your bread did not have a proper brown color on it. This bread will not taste good as soggy bread can have fungus on itself.

How to Start and Set the Timer and Temperature for Toasting Bread?

  • Plugin the primary wire into a plug. Then switch on the button to start the oven.
  • Place the bread in the microwave convection oven in a tissue paper or utensil made of glass or high-quality plastic.
  • Turn on the microwave convection oven by clicking the power button to start the machine.
  • A microwave convection oven automatically detects the temperature needed for food present inside. Still, if you want to set the temperature by yourself, set the heat for 350° maximum.
  • At this temperature, your bread would not get burned and have nice brown toast on it.
  • Set the timer for 30 seconds maximum to toast the bread perfectly.
  • Enjoy your bread.


I hope you have read the article above and got a clear idea about how to toast bread in the microwave convection oven.

Always check all safety precautions before starting the microwave convection oven or working with it. 

Also, check the bread you are cooking, whether it is fresh or not, or else it can lead to food poisoning due to fungus formed in the bread.

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