How to Install a Wall Oven Microwave Combination? A Step-by-Step Guide

A wall oven microwave combination is an excellent addition to any kitchen. It saves space and can be hidden in a cupboard or pantry, out of sight when not in use. This article will discuss How to Install a Wall Oven Microwave Combination?

The first step is to remove your old appliances from the kitchen, which you can do quickly with a bit of elbow grease. Next, you need to measure the space where the new device will go, and it shouldn’t be any wire or pipe in that area.

If there are any obstacles, it’s best to have an electrician come out and do some work before installing. Once everything is clear for installation, you’ll want to clean up the cabinet, so it looks nice when finished. 

Then mount your new appliances on studs using long screws and brackets if necessary. Finally, install trim pieces around them, so they look like their part of your cabinets. Now you’re all set to install the wall and microwave combination.

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How to Install the Wall Oven Microwave Combination?

First, we need to cover up the hole left by the microwave’s gas pipe, then remove everything from the wall cavity. It’s probably best to buy a microwave-safe cover for the cupboard.

It’s the most commonly used type of door seal. Alternatively, you can just cut the bottom out with a hacksaw, but it may need professional help if you do this independently.

You can usually buy microwave-safe door seals from the home improvement store in your town. Measure and cut the hole in the wall with a circular saw or a utility knife (you may need to do this on a clean wall surface).

It doesn’t need to be very wide. Put a poster down on the floor and measure the distance between the wall and the sign. Mount, the Door Seal, Use drywall anchors for this step.

What Tools Do You Need to Use?

It would help if you used some tools to install your wall oven, which is given below:

  • Drill/Bit Kit, 
  • Drill/Driver, 
  • 8″ Diameter Tool Bag, 
  • Snips, 
  • Taps, 
  • Drill Fits, 
  • 3/8″ Basket Bracket, 
  • 3/8″ Iron, 
  • Screwdriver Stainless Steel Wrench Paper Lumber 

Follow these steps below to install the wall oven and Microwave combination

Step 1: 

To prepare the wall surface, we’re going to screw into the wall about 3/8″ deep. Use a claw hammer, if possible, and it should take about 5 minutes. 

Step 2: 

Put the bolts in the wall and tighten them with a 3/8″ drill bit (most will have a 1/8″ bit, so you can buy it pre-drilled), and it will secure the wall oven. 

Step 3: 

Next, use your Dremel to trim some paint off the wall.

How to Install the Wall Oven?

Installing the wall oven takes place right next to your cabinet in your kitchen. To access the wall oven, you have to remove your cabinet door and access the gas line. The wall oven will be enclosed within a cavity at one end of the opening for your cabinet.

When your cabinet door is off, you may only be able to see the cavity. Using a mallet, hammer, or drill bit, remove the seal to allow air to circulate in the wall oven cavity.

Make sure the wall oven cavity is square to the cabinet door opening. Also, check for any apparent traces of water damage on the wall.

  • 1. Installing the Wall Oven Features
  • 2. Separating the Wall Oven Slot from the Cabinet Door.

How to Install the Microwave?

Start by setting up your circuit breaker. Place the circuit breaker inside the wall cavity with the switches wired to the wall switch correctly.

If your wall switches are on the floor, you will need to pull them up and set them on the wall switch racks. Place the insulation and double-wall insulation in the cavity. Place the insulation on the ceiling.


This post showed you step-by-step How to Install a Wall Oven Microwave Combination. I hope you’ve got an idea of how to install the wall oven and microwave in combination. I hope you’ll have an easier time establishing a wall oven and microwave in your home.

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