Microwave Cookie Recipe No Egg-(Making Eggless Cookies)

Have you ever been in a situation where you make cookies, but you have forgotten to buy eggs? Then you have a dilemma about finding an egg as you’re not comfortable purchasing a new one and wanted to get some microwave cookie recipe no egg formula to make your afternoon snack? If yes, you are precisely on the right platform. 

There could be another reason as maybe your children insist on making some cookies as it’s one of their favorite dishes. Therefore you open your fridge to get some eggs and wait! What! The egg box is empty! What could you do now? You would be smiling now because I have grabbed your problem. 

Therefore, you don’t need to be worried, as in this article. I will tell you the best way to make delicious cookies without having eggs at your place. Just stay with me till the end, and you will surely enjoy the yummy cookies.

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Microwave Cookie Recipe No Egg-Let’s Make Eggless Cookies:

As everyone loves cookies and the way a hot cookie comes out of the microwave and goes into your mouth is a real treat. Microwave cookies are easy, sweet, and super delicious. 

Moreover, they’re excellent as an afternoon snack or to have as an after-dinner dessert. Because all you need are a few minutes to make them. 

So, let’s move towards the recipe and show you how to make the most delicious microwave cookies you’ve ever tasted.

Ingredients For Chocolate Chip Microwave Cookie Recipe No Egg:

Although, making cookies is not rocket science if someone knows the right ingredients and quantity. Therefore, I have listed them in good detail that you can find below. 

1- Milk:

You have to get just 2tbsp milk to get softness in your cookies.

2- Sugar:

Remember, you have to take sugar in powdered form. If you don’t have it, take 2 tbsp sugar, grind it in your machine, and make powder.

3- Butter:

Take 1 tbsp butter that should be unsalted and melt it.

4- Flour:

Get 2 tbsp flour. If you don’t have flour, don’t worry. You can add Maida in the same quantity in place of flour.

5- Cocoa powder:

To give your cookie the deliciously chocolaty taste, you should add 1 tbsp cocoa powder too.

6- Chocolate-chips:

You can use chocolate chips and nuts if you have them for topping purposes.

7- Oven-safe bowl:

It’s better to take an oven-safe bowl to mix all the ingredients.

8- Baking-dish:

Take a simple baking dish for baking the cookies.


So, moving forward, let’s learn how to make a chocolate chip microwave cookie recipe with no egg, how to combine all the ingredients, and how to bake it to perfection? 

The following steps will help you in making your own one. 

Step 1: Add The Ingredients To A Bowl:

First of all, combine the butter, sugar, milk, and cocoa powder in a large oven-safe mixing bowl. Whisk until the mixture is smooth. Then add the flour and whisk until smooth. 

Step 2: Make The Smooth Dough:

Now, combine the ingredients well, cover them with a kitchen towel and let them rest for an hour. 

Then turn over onto a floured board and knead for about ten minutes till you have a smooth dough. Knead again if you feel some cracks on the surface of the dough. 

Now divide the dough into two small portions and make small ball-type shapes.

Step 3: Have You Greased The Baking Dish?

Although you now have your dough balls in your hand, remember to grease the baking dish with some butter before placing the dough into it. 

Moreover, press the dough into a bowl, slap it around, and then flatten the top. The smoother the surface, the less you will contend with during baking.

Step 4: Start Baking In The Oven:

Here comes the most crucial step of the recipe. Be careful and start baking in an oven in a range of 800 to 1000 watts for a minute or two. 

Invert the plate and let it cool for about sixty seconds. Now you can remove your cookies from their containers!

Step 5: Add Toppings:

You can add any topping that you like to these cookies, but the highly suggested comes including nuts, chocolate, dried fruits – or even a combo of the three. 

You can also top them off with some chocolate chips before baking. And yes!! Congratulations, you can serve your delicious and yummy cookies now. 

Step 6: Applying Variations:

There are many different ways to customize your cookies, and they’re all pretty simple to make. If you want something a little more decadent, you can use milk or white chocolate chips in your recipe. 

Moreover, you can add caramel pieces to the cookies just before removing them from the oven. You might also want to serve two ice cream scoops with each cookie for a custom cool treat.

Tips For Delicious Baked Cookies:

One trick that makes your cookies go further is to flatten them before baking them, so they become thinner and more delicious!

  • When baking, this cookie should be placed in a mug or cup and not on a flatter surface such as a plate.
  • It would be highly encouraged to add Vanilla essence to enhance the smelling experience.
  • When baking your oven cookies, make sure to bake them in a normal mode, not in convection mode.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are These Cookies Safe To Eat?

Absolutely yes! However, always make sure to use fresh ingredients on hand and that everything is still good before starting. Don’t skip stages and begin cooking without checking your recipe first. High temperatures will destroy any harmful bacteria in the flour during the baking process.

Can We Use Oil Instead Of Butter?

Yes, you can use oil if you don’t have butter. But using butter is far healthier as compared to oil. The choice is yours!

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, after reading this guide in its entirety, you got your microwave cookie recipe no egg recipe. Moreover, I’ve ensured that the article has arguably helped find answers to related queries. Plus, feel free to ask me any burning questions in the comments section below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy baking!

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