Microwave Exhaust Vent Installation-(How To Do?)-Step-by-Step Guide

Is your over-the-range microwave oven producing too much heat and there is no feature for getting it down? Yes, that’s probably the reason for your being here. Well, today, in this comprehensive piece of information, I will teach you about the microwave exhaust vent installation and will tell you how precisely you are going to do so.

That’s easy and doesn’t require you much knowledge for using the equipment. Just follow the steps I have assembled for you and you are gonna quickly install it.

Therefore, bring up your tools and kits and set yourself on a mission with me. Because at the end of the day, you will figure out the problem and get the job done. Let’s do this!

Why Do You Need to Install a Microwave Exhaust Vent?

Before you go for the actual process of installing an exhaust vent, you must know what could be the possible reasons for installing it there? Well, I narrowed down my research and found this for you.

You need an exhaust vent in case you want to throw out the odour, food smell, heat, and moisture outside your kitchen. This is mostly produced by the microwave oven working inside your kitchen.

Also, you need to install an exhaust vent inside your kitchen or where you have placed your over-the-range oven if there was nothing like this created before. Or your old one has stuck due to some reason and you want to replace it.

How To install the exhaust vent with your over-the-range microwave oven?

I have made this procedure pretty simple for you because I will be explaining this installation procedure by installing a new microwave oven over your stove and also an exhaust vent with it.

This will require you the best microwave oven with a pretty good venting system so that you can remove all the heat and bad smell outside your kitchen. So, let’s do this;

Collect some arsenal:

Of course, if you are doing this, you will need a second hand as alone, it will be a little difficult for you to put this into the wall. But before you go for this, you should get some things you are gonna use during the installation. These are as follows:

  • Two people.
  • A microwave oven with pretty good ventilation
  • A led pencil
  • A screw drill machine
  • A caulking gun that you will require for applying silicone sealant
  • A circular saw with a hammer. You will need it for cutting the new wood and installing it
  • A right-angle grinder will also be required for cutting through the siding.
  • A reciprocating saw that you will use for cutting the side.
  • An oscillating multi-tool that you will use to make holes inside the wall.

Mark the upside holes for installing the exhaust vent:

First of all, use the led pencil and mark two holes on the upside of the mounting bracket.

microwave exhaust vent installation

Once you have done this, use the screw driller to make two holes for adjusting screws into it. This will make the place for installing your microwave oven.

Now you can place the venting manual and select the area through which you have to install an exhaust vent.

microwave exhaust vent installation

Make the place for microwave exhaust vent:

Have you got your right-angle grinder? Well, you will be using it here for cutting the marked wood that you have marked by using the above manual.

microwave exhaust vent installation

Cut the stud:

When you will be able to make such a place, you might have to cut all the studs coming in your way. This will most probably be in your way to exhaust. So, cut that stud and replace it with the new one using the necessary equipment from the above list. Here it is shown in the following pictures.

In the second one, you can make a place just like I am gonna show you where you can put your exhaust vent.

microwave exhaust vent installation

Put the insulation back and a vapor barrier:

Once you have created such a place inside your microwave installation cabinet, you are going to fill the empty holes with insulation. But not the one you are gonna use for installing the exhaust vent.

After putting the insulation right there, you need a piece of woodcut in the same way as making a place for installing the exhaust. After doing all of this, your final step will just look like this.

Place the mounting bracket and install your microwave oven:

Once you have made the above things ready, use your mounting bracket to fit it exactly at the same place where you have marked the holes and made a place with the drill driver.

Mark the holes for exhaust:

After placing the mounting bracket, use your oscillating multi-tool for making holes into the wall from the inside. And from outside the house, you can see something like this.

microwave exhaust vent installation

Once you have done this, go to the outside of your house and remove the wood marked with holes. This will make a place for the exhaust vent to the outside.

Put the Outside Damper and make place for the microwave exhaust vent:

Once you have your way through the wall for your microwave to dissipate heat through it, you need an outside damper to install it through the outside of the house.

But before that, you can install your microwave oven into this place by dispatching it with the mounting bracket. Place it there and come outside.

microwave exhaust vent installation

Installation done:

Congratulations well if you have done all the stuff regarding installing the exhaust vent for your microwave oven.

Just remember that things could be different in different houses and if you don’t match with this one, you can call for an operator. He will do the job for a few bucks.

However, still, the procedure would be the same in most of the installation procedures.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, I would like to thank you for giving your time and reading these steps we have created for you for microwave exhaust vent installation. This is pretty easy if you do it just the way I have told you.

But if you think you cannot do this, then instead of doing this on your own, you should call a person who is master at doing stuff like this. He will cover the job with some money and make an exhaust system for your microwave oven.

However, if you have any queries to ask, or if you get stuck somewhere, I am still here to help you out. Please leave a comment in the comment box and I will reach out to you very soon. Have a good day. Take care.

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