Microwave WiFi interference-(Problem Fixed for Good)

Most probably, every house these days has Wi-Fi for connecting itself to the world. And it’s also true that every home also has a Microwave oven in the kitchen to cook food or make it fresh. But sometimes, these both interact with each other. Like you will face a microwave WiFi interference problem most of the time when your microwave is working.

So, if you feel something like this and look for how to fix it, you are in the right spot. Today, in this particular piece of information, we will tell you some appropriate and easy methods that you can apply to fix microwave WiFi interference issue. So, let’s start this conversation.

Why do you face the issue of WiFi Interferences with your Oven?

Before you fix this issue, you must know why this happens? But what happens?

When you turn on your microwave oven and place it next to the router or anywhere where it might be a little close to the Wi-Fi router, you might face many issues while surfing the internet. It includes delays in opening web pages, surfacing, streaming, or downloading over WiFi.

It happens because your Oven and WiFi emit the same frequencies that interact with each other and cause a problem for you. Your WiFi router can operate at a 2.5 GHz frequency range if you have the older one.

But there are also some new ones with dual modes as 2.5 and 5 GHz. However, it doesn’t matter what method you are using your WiFi. The microwave will still interact with your router. But this interaction will be lower in case you are using 5 GHz.

This interaction is usually because the microwave starts interacting by putting out a lot of radio frequency EM radiation as they cook. It causes Wi-Fi signals to be absorbed or reflected by metal in the Oven.

Because most oven walls are metal, your microwave can cause Wi-Fi interference even when it’s on the other side of your house from your Wi-Fi access point.

However, you shouldn’t be worried about this problem because it can be easily fixed.

How to fix the Microwave WiFi interferences?

Knowing that the issue of microwave interaction with Wi-Fi is so common, fixing it is also a lot easier. You can do several things to stop this thing from happening. Therefore, let’s look at the easiest things you can try to fix such an issue.

Change Your Router to 5GHZ:

If your router is set up to 2.5 GHz of frequency, there are high chances you get stuck with your Wi-Fi because the oven radiations or its releasing frequency will disturb the normal working of your Wi-Fi router. So, to solve this issue, change it to 5GHz.

It is the most vital frequency some new Wi-Fi routers have these days, which will never let you feel the hazards of the internet interacting with the router.

But if the problem still exists, let’s move to the second thing you can do.

Move the router to another place:

Even after changing the frequency range, you are facing the same problem. You can tackle it by moving your router from one place to another. It must be where there will be no signs of microwave interactions with the Wi-Fi.

Find a room, corridor, or living area, whatever is best for making your Wi-Fi perform escape from the Oven. But at least make sure to have a distance of wall between you using your laptop near the router and the Oven that is placed inside the kitchen.

Turn off your Microwave oven:

Placed the router at a distant place from the Oven but still facing the same issue? Don’t worry, here is another thing you can try.

If you see your Oven doing nothing but just timer on and waiting for you to cook something or make something warm for eating, there is no reason to let it stay on. It is because when it is even turned on and not cooking any food, it can still interact with your Wi-Fi signals without letting you know.

So, the most appropriate and best thing you can do to figure out this issue is to turn off your Oven. Do it every time once you have finished cooking food. It is because there will be zero complaints regarding microwave Wi-Fi interactions.

Use a wired internet connection:

Up to this point, we have known that the Wi-Fi interaction with the router and Oven is usually caused by having the same frequencies. But what if we disappear the frequency? Yes, that is possible. You can use a wired ethernet connection and let your Oven keep running. You will face no problems regarding internet lagging or slowing down the speed.

Because you will have the internet from a wired connection instead of the wireless frequency, this would be only possible if you have an ethernet port inside your system.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the best solution for solving Microwave Wi-Fi Interactions?

The best solution that I would love to recommend is not to turn on your Oven without any purpose of cooking or warming food. Just let it be turned off and keep using your Wi-Fi non-stop unless there is an urge to freshen your pizza. Would it be beneficial?

Should I worry about this issue of Microwave Wi-Fi interactions?

There is no big deal because it doesn’t cause any severe problems. Your internet will not work well. But the rest, everything is okay with it.

Final thoughts:

We hope that you have learned how to solve the microwave WiFi interference issue on your own through some simple steps. As we have told you in this blog post, the solution is simple. Just be on it and apply it inside your home, and you will easily be able to figure this thing out. So, good luck!

In the end, thanks for reading, and let us know if you have more queries to ask. We would love to answer them. Have a nice day.

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