Best Samsung Bottom Hinge Microwave Oven Review In 2022

If your today’s best desires looking for the best Samsung bottom hinge microwave oven has brought you here, you have landed on the best place to find out all about it. Today, in this comprehensive piece of content, I would like to describe the best microwave oven with exactly the same facility you are currently looking for.

Your purchase would be easier than you might have ever thought before. Besides this, I will help you with the help of certain essential features for making your decision worth considering.

In this case, at the end of the day, you would be able to get the best Samsung bottom hinge microwave oven with all the unique features you would be looking for.

Therefore, please make yourself home and start reading with me till the end of this post. And only if you will do that, things would be easier to consider and make a decision about.

Let’s be worth the time and start finding what we are up to today with this Samsung bottom hinge microwave oven.

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It took me long hours of research, too much work, and asking many people to choose the best microwave oven for you with this type of feature.

But I didn’t give up. With my team members, we considered the best Samsung bottom hinge microwave oven. And only one oven so that it should be easier for you to decide about the product.

Plus spending your money on a product which is worth buying. You will hardly find any complaints about the product. And it will provide you with all the quality features you would be looking for.

So, why are you still wasting time? Take a look and find what you have been making such an effective effort.

Samsung MS14K6000AS/AA MS14K6000:-Best Samsung Bottom Hinge Microwave Oven

Samsung MS14K6000AS/AA MS14K6000
  • Sensor Cook automatically adjusts cooking time
  • Senses both moisture and temperature to provide optimal heating

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When you buy a microwave oven from Samsung, questions regarding performance, productivity, efficiency, and longer working find no way home.

Because Samsung stands best in delivering the quality as well as durability you need in faster and reliable cooking for your ultimate cooking needs.

Considering all of this, the microwave model I have here for you is something you would love and die for buying.

It doesn’t cost you much but still provides some masterpiece features that offer a perfect alternative for your home and commercial cooking needs.

Therefore, if this machine has these types of appraises, why not take a little deeper look into its marvelous specifications?

Sensor Cook With Triple Distribution Systems:

With this smart microwave oven from Samsung, you will have the versatility of sensor cooking features. This feature can be used for automatically adjusting the cooking temperature of your food that suits it best.

You will find accessible and automated selections of times and temperatures for cooking and heating your favorite foods, recipes, or whatever you have inside your kitchen.

Also, the microwave oven gives you excellent triple distribution systems with seven magnificent preset-defined cooking functions.

Its triple distribution system allows you to reheat or cook food more evenly from every single corner and thoroughly without struggling with any hassles.

Easy To Clean With Intuitive And Easy controls:

This microwave gives you a ceramic enamel interior that is efficient and easier to clean.

You can use it daily and provide maximum cleaning after every cooking, reheating, or defrosting of the food.

Moreover, the microwave also doesn’t experience any scratches, ensuring that your device is safe for longer usage.

Also, the operation of this microwave oven is easier than you might have thought. Because with this one, you will find easy and comfortable intuitive controls.

It is because all thanks go to that Blue LED display built for microwaving even in the darker rooms.

On the other hand, this light lets you put your hands on the right button and choose the proper selection to make your masterpiece breeze more.

Capacity And Power:

When it comes to describing the capacity and power of this oven, the microwave oven gives you the capacity of 1.4 cubic feet with a maximum power of 1000 watts.

With these specifications, you can cook, reheat or defrost any food or bakery item you have for eating in an instant time without missing a single bite.

There is also a turntable feature inside this microwave oven, which better cooks your food item from every corner. It means whatever you put, you will have it ready in no time.

Impressive Eco Mode:

When you take a little deeper look, you also find eco mode inside this microwave oven, which is there to make you save your electricity.

It means whenever you don’t need the light to be turned on, you can easily use this mode for more cost-effective cooking.

All in all, you can see this masterpiece by spending a reasonable amount, and it also gives you a long time warranty of 1 year without worrying about anything anymore.


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Size: ‎ ‎ ‎ 21.8 x 18.6 x 12.3 inches
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 1.4 cubic feet
  • Weight: ‎ ‎37.5 Pounds
  • Power: 1000 Watts with ten power levels 
  • Special Feature: Turntable


  • Highly Durable and filled with lots of features
  • Comes with triple distribution System
  • Has sensor cooking functionality
  • Available at a very affordable price tag
  • Powerful and designed for commercial as well as home cooking needs


  • The inner light could be a little dimmer
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Final Thoughts On Best Bottom Hinge Microwave Oven:

Hopefully, the detailed review on this best Samsung bottom hinge microwave oven has given you enough reasons for making this one your today’s favorite choice for the oven you are looking for. There are not so many reasons for ignoring this unique piece of the pie.

However, if you have uncertainties, consult me using the comment box. Because I am here to figure out your problems and provide you the solution you well deserve.

Hence, this was all for today, and let’s meet soon on another one. If you keep visiting, you will have more content to explore.

Therefore, thanks for reading. May you have a good day!

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