Samsung Microwave Temperature Settings-(Follow 5 Methods)

While we cook or warm the food in a Samsung microwave oven, we need to adjust the temperature according to the food’s nature. This guide will show you different methods to do Samsung microwave temperature settings by following easy steps.

As we know, For some time, microwave ovens have been a modern convenience. But Samsung microwave oven has all the special functions, such as sensor cooking function, to make it easier for you. Select the food you want to cook and leave the calculation result in the microwave.

There are five methods to fix Samsung microwave temperature settings as below:

Method.1-Speed button

You can refer to your manual for the corresponding number because numbers and options vary by model.

1. Put the food on the turntable, close the door, and press Speed Cook.

2. Use the up/down buttons or number buttons to select the quantity corresponding to the category (breakfast, seafood, etc.)

3. Press OK, then select the number that matches your cooking (i.e., shrimp, salmon, etc.).

4. After selecting the food, press start if you don’t need to set the quantity.

5. If you need to set the quantity, press OK after selecting the food category and type. Enter the amount of food and press the start button.

6. The microwave oven will automatically use time and pre-programmed settings.

Method.2-Auto Deforest button

The defrost cycle gives you the best way to defrost frozen food. The microwave oven will automatically adjust the defrost time based on the weight you enter. You can also refer to your user guide for some defrosting advice to fix Samsung microwave temperature settings.

1. Put the food on the turntable and close the door.

2. Press the automatic defrost button one or more times to select the type of food to be defrosted. Your brochure will have a table showing the number of times the button pressed for different foods.

3. Then, press the number buttons to adjust the weight of the food. For example, to set 1.5 points, press 1, then press 5. Then press START to start defrosting.

4. The microwave oven will beep to remind you to turn the food when it defrosts, but it will not stop and wait for you, so be sure to pause and turn it over. Then press start to complete the defrosting process.

Method.3-Sensor button

Sensor Cook further improves microwave technology by detecting when your food has finished cooking. It does this by measuring the amount of moisture released from the food. The available options vary by model; you can refer to your user manual for more details.

1. Locate the food on the turntable and shut the door.

2. Then press the related button to choose the desired category: popcorn, pizza, vegetables, drinks, or reheat.

3. If necessary, press the selected button or number buttons again to select a specific program (for example, frozen dinner), and then press START.

4. The cooking time and temperature will be automatically adjusted according to the selected recipe. When it detects that the food is ready, the microwave oven will stop and emit four beeps.

Method.4-Auto-cook button

In Auto Cook, you tell the microwave what (and how much) you’re cooking, and it’s pre-programmed for the Samsung microwave temperature settings, you want to use.

Your manual will include a breakdown of the correct options for your microwave, but the basic process is the same when you use this feature: the microwave is marked with an “auto-cook” button

1. place the meal on the turntable, close the door, and click “auto-cook.”

2. Use the up/ down buttons or number buttons to choose the number corresponding to the desired type (such as cook, reheat)

3. Press OK and then select the number corresponding to the type of food you are cooking (such as pasta, drinks, etc.).

4. After selecting the food, press Start if you don’t need to adjust the quantity. If you need to change the amount, press OK after choosing the category and type of food. Enter the amount of food and press start.

5. The microwave oven will automatically use the pre-programmed time and setting.

Method.5-Timed button

The power level is set to high by default. If you change the power level to a lower level, it will change to High for subsequent use. Touch the power level, and then select the desired option. This is a classic microwave function. Just put the food in the microwave and enter the cooking time you want.

1. Put the food on the turntable and shut the door.

2. Then, use the numeric keypad to adjust the cooking time (maximum: 99 minutes and 99 seconds).

3. To start cooking food, click start. After cooking, the microwave oven will beep four times.

Final Thoughts

I have provided a complete guide above about doing Samsung microwave temperature settings while cooking or warming your food.

I hope this article will help you resolve the Samsung microwave temperature issue when you are facing.

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