What Paint is Used Inside a Microwave Oven?-(Microwave Paint Guide)

Microwave is perhaps the most used appliance in the kitchen, and regular use and normal wear and tear lead to rusting inside the microwave, and paint peels off, but what paint is used inside a microwave oven? 

Don’t worry; microwave ovens have a long lifespan, and we do not need to replace them because they have rusted. 

You can remove rust by using a few right products and repainting, which we have discussed in this article further.

If you see rust inside your microwave, then this is not a good sign because cooking food in a rusted microwave can lead to severe issues like sparkling in the microwave and health hazards.

 Let’s get started to discuss the topic of what paint is used inside a microwave oven? 

What is microwave-safe paint?

A microwave-safe paint is that paint we use to paint the interior of the microwave, whose materials do not react with microwaves which can create toxins. There are two types of microwave-safe paint, brush-on, and spray-on.

Is enamel paint microwave-safe?

Yes, enamel paint is microwave-safe. You can use enamel paint to paint the interior of the microwave oven.

How do I fix the inside of my microwave when the paint is peeling?

When the paint is peeling off, you can fix the inside of your microwave by painting it yourself, and you need to do some preparation first and follow the given steps:

  • To repaint a microwave, the first thing you should do is unplug your microwave and thoroughly clean the interior of the microwave. The interior of your microwave will contain grease, peeling paint, grime, and debris that you can clean off by soaking a cloth or sponge in water and then wringing out the excess water. Use this cloth or sponge to clean the interior of your microwave. Clean the exterior of the microwave as well.
  • After that, dry the interior and exterior part of the microwave with the help of a dry cloth or paper towel. If you see the paint peeling off, then remove it with the help of grain sandpaper and then use grit paper to smooth the surface. Now clean the residue left in the microwave again.
  • Now you have to do the main work, that is, repaint. To repaint the microwave, you must first select the type of paint of two kinds – brush on or spray on. You can use brush paint for small spots, and on the other hand, spray paint saves your time and effort. Now the choice is yours; either you select brush paint or spray paint. Just make sure whatever color you choose is microwave safe because a few paints contain particles or materials that react to microwaves and may deliver poisons that might defile the food in the microwave oven. Ensure you request apparatus paint designs for microwave use.
  • Before repainting the whole microwave, make sure the interior of the microwave is dry. You should first test the paint on a small area inside the microwave oven. Once the paint dries, heat a cup of water in the microwave on high power for 1 minute. After removing the cup, feel within the microwave’s walls to make sure that the painted spot is no hotter than different surfaces inside the microwave.
  • Now you can start repainting the microwave. If you are using spray paint, avoid spraying excess on a particular surface. Try to coat all the surfaces evenly. If you are using brush paint, paint all the surfaces consistently.
  • After finishing the painting, let the paint dry overnight and leave the microwave door open. Touch the microwave’s surface the next day to check that the paint has dried and is ready to use.

Can you use a microwave if the paint is peeling?

No, you cannot use a microwave if the paint is peeling because the color is dangerous for flames and can defile the food you cook inside the microwave.


I hope this article will help you if your microwave paint is peeling off as we have given a complete guide about what paint is used inside a microwave oven, how to fix the microwave when the paint is peeling, and which paint to use.

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