Is Kirkland Plastic Wrap Microwave Safe?-[Query Answered]

A common question that keeps popping is: Is Kirkland Plastic Wrap Microwave Safe? Well, don’t do negligence in the case of heating your leftover food. 

While heating food, it is essential to consider some points, such as using plastic wrap, keeping it elevated, keeping the temperature at an optimum level, not microwave for more than two minutes, etc.

The answer to the above question is: Yes, it is entirely safe to use microwave plastic wrap to microwave food. But, do look for microwave labeled and verified plastic wraps such as Kirkland. 

It is a common perception that the use of plastic wraps is unhealthy or it creates health risks. Some people do take it seriously; others ignore it and keep using it.

Another concern is: Is it fine is to use plastic wrap while microwaving? Well, I have created this blog to give you complete insight regarding: Is Kirkland Plastic Wrap Microwave Safe?

Would you please stick with me and explore the best?

Is it Safe to Microwave Plastic Wrap?

IS Kirkland plastic wraps microwave safe
Is it safe to microwave plastic wrap?

People usually use plastic wraps to save their food from contamination or keep the food from splattering.

According to FDA, it is safe to use plastic wraps. But, it would help if you tried to choose plastic wraps specifically designed for microwave heating procedures.

Therefore, it is an important step to check for labels saying microwave approved before buying plastic wraps.

Microwave plastic wraps are designed to bear heating or reheating procedures. As the high-quality material makes, these plastic wraps are capable of repetitive heating.

These plastic wraps easily withstand different heat levels or reheating processes due to microwave-safe plastic films.

You can use some plastic wrap again. But, it is mandatory to check for some precautions. One of them is to make sure the plastic wrap doesn’t touch the food.

There should be a decent gap between actual food and a layer of plastic wrap. If you use plastic wrap, try to use deep bowls or wider ones to heat the food items.

Do not keep the flat plates over the food while microwaving plastic wrapped items. Excessive heat may melt plastic wrap, and melted plastic wrap may dissolve in the heated food.

This contamination could be very harmful, so be mindful of it. Make sure to choose a good brand of plastic wraps as good quality plastic wraps can withstand different heat levels.  

Is Kirkland Plastic Food Wrap Microwave-Safe?

Yes, you can use it in the microwave oven for heating purposes. USDA and FDA tested Kirkland plastic wraps and approved them as a safe option to use in the microwave.

These can withstand high heat levels. But, there should be a safe distance between food and the Kirkland plastic wrap.

Kirkland plastic wraps are premium quality plastic wraps. Kirkland plastic wraps are double-checked and approved by organizations, and after verification, these are labeled as microwave safe.

Plastic Wraps save us from little tiring chores such as washing afterward or finding lids etc. They serve best to keep the food safe and fresh. Kirkland plastic wraps work as a shield for food.

These clear transparent wraps protect the food from splattering and guard the food against external contamination factors.

Kirkland plastic wraps work just like lids but are easier to tackle as there would be no washing afterward, and these are disposable, saving you from unnecessary hassle. One should never forget to poke holes after sealing food from plastic wrap.

If not done so, then it may explode due to the build of excessive pressure. It happens when there are no holes, and food becomes vacuum sealed.

The water content builds tension within the space by ensuing steam. Thus, poking holes provides passage for steam to release.

Is Kirkland Plastic Wrap Heat Resistant?

Kirkland plastic wraps are approved only after proper checking of resistance, capability to catch fire, etc. Moreover, Kirkland plastic wraps are BPA-free.

I don’t recommend using brittle or old plastic wraps. These plastic wraps will not stand the heat level and will deteriorate during the heating process. Therefore, I will recommend using brand new plastic wrap or a plastic wrap that offers durability.

Regarding the suitability of Kirkland microwave ovens, it is evident that YES, you can use them while microwaving your food items.

The primary precautionary measure is for a good quality plastic wrap that doesn’t melt and dissolve into the food, leaving plasticizers. Bad quality plastic wraps can be a significant cause of food contamination.

Therefore, make sure to choose a safe labeled plastic wrap for the microwave, just like Kirkland. It retains the moisture and freshness of food and keeps it safe and fresh for long periods.

Is Kirkland Stretch-Tite Oven-Safe?

Unfortunately, stretch-Tite is not suitable for conventional ovens such as stove ovens or toaster ovens, etc. But, you can use it in ordinary microwave ovens after poking holes in it. These are microwave safe and good for sealing items.

It is a premium quality plastic wrap that serves different purposes in home and business. Kirkland plastic wraps are often used to retain moisture in food items. It is an excellent option as it does not leach harmful elements such as BPA into the food during heating procedures.


So, this was all from my side for: Is Kirkland Plastic Food Wrap Microwave-Safe? as I mentioned, Kirkland plastic wraps are flagged as a right and safe option for microwaving food items. It is so transparent that you can see what’s happening inside the bowl.

I hope now there is no confusion regarding the usage of plastic wraps, especially about Kirkland premium plastic wraps. If there are any, do let me know in the comment section below.

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