How To Heat Up Soup Without A Microwave Or Stove-(3 Easy Ways)

There could be such circumstances as your microwave could get damaged or you don’t own one for some specific reasons. Still, you have to cook the food desirously. Therefore, today, I will tell you how to heat up soup without a microwave or stove in this particular piece of information. I have gathered some easiest ways for heating your soup. They are applicable even if you are not around your stove or the microwave oven. 

Therefore, I would like you to stay connected with me till the end. Through this, we both could be able to figure out some easy ways of doing this. It is because we both may find ourselves in the same situation. Hence, it is necessary to learn this in times of emergency. So, let’s know. 

Ways for Heating Up The Soup Without A Microwave or Stove:

Since you have started reading, let’s discuss the possible ways we can heat up the soup even if there is no availability of a microwave or stove. Or even if you have both of these and want to do it as an experiment.

I can understand both things and make you heat up your soup through some smooth and easy cooking ways. The list goes down as follows. 

  • Heat Up The Soup Using A Hot Water Bath:
  • Heating the soup in a Chafing Dish:
  • Heat Up The Soup Using a Crockpot:

Now, let’s describe each process one by one. 

Heat Up The Soup Using A Hot Water Bath:

That’s for sure that you would already have a water bath inside your home. Right, isn’t it? And that’s also sure that you cannot use the stove for reheating the soup, but you can use it for another purpose the same way I am going to tell you. 

So, you will use a water bath to heat up a bowl of soup without a microwave or cooking appliance. You can do this through the following method.

Heat up the water bath:

First of all, heat up a pot of water on the stove(remember I have told you that you can use the stove for another purpose instead of heating up the soup). 

Check the temperature by using a thermometer:

Once the water is hot enough, use a thermometer to check the temperature. The temperature should be about 40-50 degrees Celsius (120-122 degrees Fahrenheit). 

It is because anything below this and above this will not provide an ambient temperature to heat up the soup. 

Place the bowl of soup into a giant bowl:

The next thing you are gonna do is to place a bowl of soup inside a larger bowl. Now, you need to fill the inner bowl with hot water from the pot on the stove to almost touch the bottom of the outer bowl. 

You might have tried something like this before, so be sure to keep yourself safe from the boiled water from getting dropped on your skin.

Wrap the bowls:

Place the two bowls together and wrap them in a blanket. Make sure the water doesn’t come out, and even if it does, it must not mix in the bowl containing the soup. After wrapping these in the blanket, let the soup heat up for at least 15 minutes.

And once you open the wrapping and make sure that the soup is heated up enough as it is ready to eat, you can enjoy it without any problems.

If not heated up:

However, you should repeat the same procedure if the temperature is not high enough that you consider optimal. 

Heating the soup in a Chafing Dish:

Another best method you can try for heating up your soup without the availability of a microwave oven or stove is the use of a chafing dish. However, this mostly happens when you heat up the soup with vegetables in it. 

At this time, using a chafing dish will suit you best, and you will efficiently be able to cook and heat it up in seconds. But what is a chafing dish and how does it work for heating up your soup?

Basically, a chafing dish is a metal container with a candle or a series of candles. You can make the soup in a chafing dish or directly inside the bowl of the chafing dish. This structure is used to serve food, but you can also use it to keep food warm. 

Moreover, it is also called serving chafers, warming chafers, or buffet chafers. Since it is a chafing dish, it is vital to make sure that the food or soup is heated inside the structure of the chafing dish and not from the bottom. 

Heat Up The Soup Using a Crockpot:

The last thing you can try for reheating soup is the use of a Crockpot. So, what a crock pot basically is? A crop pot is a slow cooker with two parts: the bowl and base parts. 

While heating your soup, you can place the bowl part on the base of the cooker and add what you need to heat up, and leave it right there. 

Moreover, you can fill this crop pot with boiled water and then place the bowl of soup inside it. It will heat the bowl, and ultimately you will be able to heat up your soup even without touching the microwave oven even though you already have it inside your house. 

Final Thoughts:

Finally, you have learned how to heat up soup without microwave or stove after reading some easy methods described. The best thing is that you should use the microwave oven. And rapidly buy one if you don’t have one yet.

Because a range is the best thing for keeping the same quality of your delicious food and providing you quicker heating or baking versatility. However, if you don’t get one in certain, Or in rare cases, you can use these methods to heat up your soup quickly.

In the end, I hope you liked the information described here. And if you really did, please share it with others as well.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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